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Grand Canyon, Arizona, sunset, canyon, south rim, north rim

I’m back online and all ready with some new travel pics. The family and I have been down south in Arizona for the past week visiting my folks. After an easy flight down to Phoenix, we did a little 1,600 km (1,000 mile) road trip from Phoenix to the Grand Canyon to Lake Powell and back. We saw a few highlights along the way like the eye-catching red rocks of Sedona and the very popular Antelope Canyon. Needless to say, once I’ve sorted the images, I’ll have a few to share here over the next week or so.

My hope is that I’ll have improved over my previous set of Arizona images that featured way back in ancient history on Day 41 of this humble, little blog.

This image is of sunset from Hopi point on the southern rim of the canyon looking north. I really liked the way the clouds were caught on the peaks rising from the canyon.


16 responses to “Loaded Up With New Pics

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  1. Stunning Mike!

  2. Awesome shots! I can’t wait till my little boy is older so that we can take him to the Grand Canyon. Been there 3 times since I’ve been in Tucson. I love Sedona, such a beautiful place and I love the Church on the Hill!

    • I have to admit that I’ve only barely scanned Sedona. I’ve been to Red Rock Crossing for a picnic a couple of times, but otherwise have just driven through on my way to the GC. If I’m ever back, I need to spend a couple of days in Sedona and give it a real study. Thanks for the comment!

  3. Love the quality of the light. Gorgeousness in the extreme šŸ˜‰

  4. magnificent landscape image!

  5. Looks like a burning ancient city. Beautiful capture! Amazing clouds!

  6. Beautiful!

  7. I just can’t stop looking at this–there is so much to see, and it’s all so fascinating. The clouds caught on the peaks were a wonderful bit of luck. Thanks for leaving the tones and the contrasts so subtle.

    • Thanks Krikitarts! The clouds were a great piece of luck. Since I’ve been here before, I was hoping for something different and the clouds in the canyon really gave it a different feel this time. As you’ll see in the coming days, winter is also visiting the canyon and there’s a fair bit of snow at the rim. All that snow and ice on the stairs as you head down to look over a precipitous drop certainly offered some exciting moments!

  8. Super shot Mike…I too like how the clouds were dragged across the peaks. Right place right time!!!

  9. Such an incredible landscape. I remember your series from last year and am definitely looking forward to the another run. Great capture with those clouds…gives the landscape a raw quality.

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