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Grand Canyon, sunset, winter, snow, canyon, Arizona, south rim

Despite heading south to Arizona for a week’s vacation away from winter, I found snow anyway. It seems that at 7000 feet (average elevation of the south rim of the Grand Canyon), it can get pretty cold in the winter. For the two days we were at the Canyon, the temperatures were exactly the same as they were back here in Edmonton.

I capture this image around sunset at Hopi Point. For sunsets, I really like Hopi Point because you get a great view to the east and west and because there’s lots of room for all the people. With all the room, you don’t have to just stake out a spot at the railing and stay there the whole time. You can move around and get different angles.

For this image, I really wanted this scrubby little bush in the foreground, but there was a sign in the way and two photographers with tripods, one on either side of this sign totally blocking my access. Thankfully, I’m not too concerned about what people think so I got down on my hands and knees and crawled under the sign. I sat on the ground with my tripod splayed out to get down really low. With my camera lens sticking out through the railing I managed this unobstructed view of the canyon.


8 responses to “Winter at the Grand Canyon

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  1. Breathtaking view. Just makes you feel that you are so close to the heavens…. Beautiful!

  2. Its good that you got down low, because I liked the foreground of snow and small branches you have in the shot which compliments the Grand Canyon

  3. That bit of extra effort to get down low makes all the difference.Great shot MIke!

  4. Yeah that happened to us the first time we went there and it was in April! We were shocked to still see snow there.

  5. Beautiful shot

  6. the snow and gnarled bush made such a great foreground. Sounds like you couldn’t escape Edmonton temps.

  7. Breathtaking!

  8. Beautiful lighting. Stunning image.

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