Light Filtering In From Above   11 comments

Antelope Canyon, Upper Antelope Canyon, Arizona, Navajo Nation, Slot Canyon, limestone, erosion, Page

This image is from deeper into Upper Antelope Canyon. A very different flavour from yesterday – with this image I wanted to look more closely at the textures. The light that comes only from the crack in the canyon far above serves to emphasize the textures in the rock walls.

I’m keeping it brief today – I’m only recently back from running a photo booth at my kids’ elementary school for their Fine Arts night. I ran the booth with a bunch of grade 6 kids helping out. The kids all had a blast posing. I set it up so we shot tethered, projecting the images on the wall as they were shot. By the end we were all very tired.


11 responses to “Light Filtering In From Above

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  1. Nice! Bet the kids loved the photo booth too!

  2. This place instills such a sense of antiquity, of ancient time. Wonderful exposure to bring out those lines that curve and move the eye subtly from the top to the bottom. You can post these for months and you’ll hear no complaints from me.

  3. The light here really does bring out all the subtle textures in the rock. 🙂

  4. Beautiful picture! The rock is such a beautiful color.

  5. Another stunning shot of the canyon!!!

  6. really love everything about this image!

  7. Wonderful colours and shapes.

  8. They just keep getting better Mike, i like this the better of the two- but i´have a feeling you´ll be posting as good if not better in the coming days/weeks!

  9. This is amazing I thought it was a silk scarf blowing in a breeze!

  10. wow!

  11. Gorgeous!!!!

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