Nothin’ But The Texture   7 comments

Arizona, slot canyon, antelope canyon, upper antelope canyon, erosion

Sorry, missed a post yesterday. I was having a little time away from my computer. Today though I processed all the images from the photo booth at school on Tuesday and I’m really pleased with how they all turned out. If only I could share them here…

Instead though, I offer up another in my series from Upper Antelope Canyon outside Page, Arizona.  As I mentioned already, I could spend days in this canyon and never tire of it.

While it’s not safe to do so, I’d love to see the canyon when the water is running. Flash floods are a risk here so it’s possible that if it’s raining upstream, tours could be cancelled. When the water comes through, it comes through fast and changes the canyon each time. Our guide was telling us how the canyon floor, for a time, was much higher (by several feet), but then the water came through and took a lot of the sand with it. That’d be something to see.


7 responses to “Nothin’ But The Texture

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  1. I love texture and patterns found in nature. What a gorgeous shot!
    Greetings from north of the Arctic Circle.

  2. I’m sick with envy; stop it already! Only joking. Your shots are wonderful and this has been a wonderful journey.

  3. Stunning, mike and love the ratio an how the lighting moves the eye left to right. Rushing with water would indeed be something to see..a NDF heaven.

  4. Beautiful…simple and elegant all together. Very nice.

  5. I find myself pulled in to your Antelope Canyon images, Mike. They have been a dream of mine ever since I saw DeWitt Jones’s portfolio a couple of decades ago. Hopefully some day…meanwhile, lovin’ yours!

  6. Stunning photos, of one of my favourite subjects, rock. Simply wonderful. Thankyou!!!

  7. Beautiful picture, Mike, very nice! And excellent format too, just right. Adrian

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