Shooting in the Dark   4 comments

Arizona, antelope canyon, upper antelope canyon, canyon, slot canyon, Page, Navajo Nation

Here’s another one from Upper Antelope Canyon, a fantastic slot canyon in Page, Arizona. I think I mentioned before that it’s really dark in the canyon, which makes that whole tripod thing kind of mandatory. I shot this particular image at f4.0 with a 6 second exposure on ISO 400. This is one in a series of bracketed images that I had intended to process as a HDR image, but I like it better this way.


4 responses to “Shooting in the Dark

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  1. Excellent!

  2. great shot! i love it!

  3. The more contrast gives this a harder edge, but I mean that in a good way. The lighting from the top is so wonderful as it changes with the depth. Another great one, Mike.

    • I wanted to process this one differently from the rest of the series to show there’s more than one way to capture this canyon. I’m glad you like this one. Only a couple more to go…

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