Monument Valley Comes To Antelope Canyon   10 comments

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I can’t speak for the rest of the tours of Upper Antelope Canyon, but our tour felt like a bit of a frenzy of must-have shots. Everyone else probably thought it went at a nice leisurely pace, but I was trying to squeeze every shot I could out of this short one-hour tour. The guide tries to make sure that you get every great shot they know about from George Washington’s face, to the eagle, to the wolf, and to many other shapes and images that you can imagine emerging from the rock. While you listen to the tour guide’s suggestions and try to see what they’re seeing, you try to see some of your own images in the canyon before you’re led to the next stop on the tour.

This image, was one of the tour guide’s suggestions and is shot straight up to capture this silhouette which is somewhat reminiscent of a sunset in Monument Valley. I’ve left this image virtually as shot. The auto white balance didn’t choose wisely, so I shifted it and I also cropped out the deep, dark shadows to make this a wide shot.


10 responses to “Monument Valley Comes To Antelope Canyon

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  1. Incredible shot!

  2. It really does look like the sun setting behind a rocky, mountainous horizon. 🙂

  3. Nice cropping Mike, the wide view works really well with this!

  4. Brilliant. Have a said how jealous I am? Yes, but it bears repeating. Jealous!! You’ve created some really wonderful images in this series Mike. I still can’t get enough!

  5. Beautifully done.

  6. It turned out a really great colour and nicely balanced image.

  7. Well done indeed Mike!!!

  8. Love the more panoramic cropping. When I see this place, I can’t help but wander what the first explorer thought when they first stumbled into one of these. Keep ’em coming, Mike.

  9. I am with Brandon, love the panoramic crop. Stunning image Mike.

  10. Another really good one, Mike – and love the format too! Adrian

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