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Sorry, I’m a bit slow with the posts at the moment. I’ve been laid up on the couch the past few days with a bad cold. I’m working on getting on the mend, but it’s taking a little longer than I’d like.

As I mentioned in my previous post, the tour guides in Antelope Canyon love pointing out the faces and shapes that you can see in the walls of the canyon. Can you see the wolf in this one?

To get this shot in a fairly tight space, I lay down flat on my back with my head on my camera bag to help keep me steady. I took this at 1/10s with image stabilisation helping me out. The only thing I did to this image is fix the white balance and crop it.


8 responses to “Howling at the Blog

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  1. definitely see the wolf. great shot, it looks incredible.

  2. Oh no I know what you mean. My son and I were sick for the last week. Something awful is going around! Hope you get better soon. Love the pictures.

  3. Nice silhouette. You’ve been able to show off so many styles in this series with light and exposure. What a trove.

  4. Hope you’re feeling better soon Mike.

  5. Very nice. Looks like that was a fantastic tour!

  6. Saw the wolf, but first I spotted a woman with flowing hair. Nice shot! I love the Four Corners region.

  7. No, I can’t see the wolf, Mike, but I can see absolutely wonderful beauty – the contrast between the lit and textured rock center right and the large black area to the left is just magic! A very powerful and wonderful picture! Adrian

  8. Gorgeous. I love these rocks and I wish we had some in England — I guess I’ll just have to visit Arizona!

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