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Lake Powell, Arizona, Page, panorama, lake, marina, boating

I forgot all about Lake Powell. Many of my recent posts showed shots from Upper Antelope Canyon which sits just outside Page, Arizona. The bigger attraction in Page is actually Lake Powell. Lake Powell, the second largest (in terms of total capacity) artificial lake in the United States, was formed with the development of the Glen Canyon Dam in 1966. The Dam restricts the flow of the Colorado River with the purpose of producing hydro-electric power.

We only over-nighted in Page, so this is as close as we got to Lake Powell. The lake, for the most part is not readily visible from land. If you really want to experience the lake, you have to get out on the water. As you can see in the distance, boating is very popular on the lake. For the experienced Lake Powell visitor, it seems the right approach is to rent a houseboat for a week or two, or maybe even for the whole summer.

If you really want to explore the lake, you’ll need to set some time aside. The lake is nearly 300km (186 miles) long and has 96 major canyons to explore.


4 responses to “Taking a Small Step Back

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  1. Phew! that´s one big lake!

  2. Ditton on Adrian, and I bet they are pretty deep. Really like the blur in the foreground and the lower angle. Makes it even look bigger.

  3. Beautiful picture, Mike! Adrian

  4. Beautiful picture and really interesting DoF. Seems like a great place to visit! This is the second great blog I’ve found tonight. Great work! Looking forward to more posts.

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