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heron, blue heron, lost lagoon, vancouver, british columbia, bird, birding, birder, bird watching, bird photography Looks like I ran out of pictures from my trip to Arizona and that left me a bit short on ideas. I’ve been doing some portraiture lately, but nothing for sharing here (yet).

On the other hand, I have been going over some pictures from September with a friend of mine and I’m still revising some as I go back and have another look.

Here is, what I believe, is your basic run-of-the-mill blue heron. I was able to get very close to this heron or perhaps I should say that it was prepared to get very close to me. I was standing by a pond and this heron arrived, presumably with lunch on its mind. It was certainly watching the pond very carefully.

It was clearly used to people as it couldn’t have cared any less about me standing there snapping away.

All was well until a rather large man in a bike helmet came stomping through our peaceful encounter. He stomped in, scared the bird away, and then turned around and stomped right back out. Very strange.



15 responses to “Blue Heron

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  1. Reblogged this on Ash's Blog and commented:
    Simply awesome.

  2. great shot, saw a heron doing such a slink across the water the other night at sundown, it was stunning. normally, i never see them move. nice shot

  3. This is a beautiful portrait of a normally very elusive bird. Herons are typically very shy. A good place to find some that aren’t camera shy is Bosque del Apache NWR. Nice work.

  4. Love the composition and tone of this!

  5. That is a stunning picture, Mike – the subject is so crisply in focus ->>> look at the textures of those breast feathers! – and the toning works so well, and the light on the water simply conspires to make this a tremendous shot! This is up there amongst the very best shots I’ve seen from you – a really excellent portrait! Adrian

  6. What a great opportunity, and you definitely took advantage of it. I’ve been trying to get close to some local herons for what must be years now. And I’m with Adrian with the toning. Also like the little “bit” of stuff on the end of his beak.

  7. Looks like a nice bird portrait to me!! 🙂

  8. Wonderful composition. So sharp and the tones are stunning. A favourite.

  9. He’s got a slightly ruffled dignity to him. His highness woken from an afternoon nap.

  10. Great Composition and I love the tone of the image.

    (and I get fed up with people, mainly tourists, stomping and squealling shrilly when they walk on paths in the Botanic Gardens and/or the zoo. I deliberately wear rubber soled walking shoes everywhere so I can slowly & quietly walk up close to birds and animals. I study my subject for some time and just as I lift the camera to my eye to take a photo of some shy bird, other people frighten it away. Most frustrating at times).

  11. Good choice of sepia tones and great composition.

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