Going In For The Kill   12 comments

owl, panning, flying, flight, wings

This owl clearly has his eye on a target as I followed his flight with this panning shot.


12 responses to “Going In For The Kill

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  1. Reblogged this on Photo ยท Lord Contest.

  2. This goes so well with the last, and think they would look awesome in large prints side by side. And nice panning skill, something I haven’t been quite able to get down yet.

  3. amazing capture!

  4. Great capture ! I love the movement.

  5. Nice one Mike. I’m curious if you have one in landscape orientation that has the whole owl in it. You very rarely see a shot of a bird in flight that is framed this way. Anyway nice work.

    • This shot is actually a bit old and specifically selected to pair up with yesterday’s heron image so I can’t recall what I might have been thinking at the time when I shot this in portrait orientation. Plus, this is the only shot I got of this elusive owl that day so no landscape orientation for this guy, but I like trying unconventional crops sometimes – I find it can bring new flavour to common subjects.

  6. Great shot and capture!

  7. WOW. Amazing! ๐Ÿ™‚

  8. Excellent shot, Mike – that’s a tremendous portrait! Adrian

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