So Long Duff   13 comments

Cairn Terrier, Pet, Pet Photography, dog, little dog

This week, after many happy years, Duffy (aka Duff, Duff-Duff, Duffers, Duff-man, Duffy-dog) passed on. Duffy is my in-laws’ Cairn terrier. He was a friendly, playful, loyal little dog who loved being part of the action (especially in the kitchen). He loved going for walks and was very protective of his territory (that little guy could ration out little sprays of pee for miles!). He was a much bigger dog in his imagination than in reality. He barked with authority at the really big dogs on the street (as long as they were behind a fence, and even sometimes when they weren’t).

While he was a pretty, easy-going dog, sometimes he had a whole lot of stubborn in him. Once, while on a walk he grew a bit tired and lay down without warning. My mother-in-law didn’t notice and started dragging him along. He still wouldn’t stand up. Now, that’s stubborn! And when he was stubborn, he did what he wanted, when he wanted.

He was the big dog, in charge of his little pack. He leaves behind the younger and feistier Rascal (aka Razzy, Raz-Ma-Taz, Razzle-Dazzle). The house is sure going to seem quiet without him. So long Duffy.

Cairn Terrier, Pet, Pet Photography, dog, little dog


13 responses to “So Long Duff

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  1. Thanks, Mike. A nice farewell tribute to a great little guy.

  2. The most difficult thing to deal with, the loss of a loved pet.

  3. Aw, Mike. So sorry for the loss. These are wonderful images and a loving tribute to your furry friend. Animals are precious family members and their loss is felt deeply. I will be hugging my furry baby, Cleo (a Snowshoe Siamese) extra hard today. 😦

  4. The sad side to loving these wonderful furry critters is that they don’t live nearly long enough….. but they’re worth every bit of the pain we experience when they leave us. They enrich our lives.

  5. It’s always sad when a favorite pet moves on.

  6. Lovely photos and tribute… losing a pet is alwasy really tough.

  7. Sorry to hear about the dog, Mike. You have some wonderful captures of his life.

  8. Condolences Mike. So sad to hear when a cherished family member moves on. Beautiful pictures though which capture a real spirit in his eyes. Take care.

  9. RIP Duffy

  10. Aww man. sorry to hear about the little guy. They are great little dogs with so much personality! We have two Cairns and I just love ’em to pieces!!!

  11. Sad occasion, Mike, but good pictures. I especially like the lower one. Adrian

  12. Always sad to hear about close friends passing. The last photography is excellent!

  13. What a sweet looking dog Duff is/was. And sad to hear of his departure from your lives. Love the many names you gave him, and Rascal 🙂

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