Black Stare   12 comments

Sea gull, gull, seagull, black eyes, eyes, bird, sea, beak



12 responses to “Black Stare

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  1. Excellent shot!

  2. What a beautiful portrait, Mike.

  3. Beautiful photo.

  4. Great Photo!

  5. Absolutely gorgeous shot, Mike. Just shared it on Twitter and Facebook.

  6. I love it…so clean and crisp. Very nice photo.

  7. I would definitely be getting out of the way of that black stare. This bird means business. Great capture and it looks like quite a challenging shot that you pulled off nicely.

  8. Hello Mike. “In Search of Style” is such a captivating header that we admirers are immediately hooked on your work. You see the world brilliantly through the lens, gracefully alter it, and then skillfully transmit the impression over the wires to our screens, creating a lasting effect which echoes in our photographhic memories. I’ve come back repeatedly to your sites for study, not to copy you, but to learn how well you’ve mastered not only fine art in photography, but the ability to connect in a way only collectors of books and prints once could.

  9. Excellent picture, Mike, I like that very much! What sort of gull is it? Adrian

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