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Okay, so this isn’t art, but it’s a bit of fun. We, like much of North America, are having a pretty warm Spring here in Edmonton, but Spring has had a lot of false starts here. It gets warm and the snow melts, then it snows again. Thankfully, with the warm weather, the snow hasn’t been sticking around. Yesterday the weather folks put out a winter storm warning saying we were going to get 25cm of snow. While enjoying a sunny day at 11C, it seemed hard to believe that a snow storm was on the way, but just in case they were right, I set up my tripod to take a before and after shot.

The right side of this image is from yesterday afternoon around 5pm. There was no snow in sight. At about 4am this morning the storm hit Edmonton. The left side of the image is from 8am after we’d been hit by more than 15cm of heavy snow.

The forecast is calling for above-zero temperatures for the next week so hopefully this return to winter will be brief.



11 responses to “Transformation

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  1. That is insane. I thought we got a bit flip-floppy in weather sometimes. Cool idea, and well executed. At first glance, I thought you had collaged two different landscapes together and then realized it was the same one.

  2. Totally amazing and beautiful. Our weather (in Oregon) has been doing similar flip flops, too.

  3. Art is what you make it. I love this, nice blend.

  4. That is so interesting!

  5. What an amazing such a short space of time.

    But then we, here in Melbourne Australia, are getting a balmy 30 degrees C (about 85 degrees F) today – Easter Friday. Tomorrow the cool change is going to roll in and the temp. will drop to 19 degrees (about 65 degrees F) tomorrow. Warmest start to Autumn we’ve had for many years.

  6. It’s a Narnia moment! Fun!

    Here in Victoria the cherry trees are in blossom and wild daffodils are everywhere. I’m hoping the snow is gone before I have to go home.

  7. HI Mike, Having a parallel opposite in Oz. It started to cool down but the heat and humidity returned yesterday. It’s been a long summer this year.

  8. This is awesome. I love this. Not crazy about the crazy weather, but I love your creative approach. 😀

  9. WOW … this is art indeed … great idea and well shot!

  10. I like it! Adrian

  11. Beautiful composition. My first reaction was ‘that looks like our weather”. We were plus 13 Celsius today. The temp will drop tonight to -5/7 with ice-pellets/freezing rain by morning. Your piece really captures the feel of the weather this winter & spring.

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