Jericho…Almost   2 comments

Israel, Judean Desert, cross, graffiti, sunset, sunrise, holy cross, christian, memorial

Back in 2000 I was lucky enough to travel to Israel for work. I couldn’t very well go to Israel without seeing a bit of the country so we stayed a couple of days extra to have a bit of a look. This image is from a hill above St. George’s Monastery (home to Greek Orthodox monks) as we concluded a tour from Tel Aviv through the Judean Desert to Jericho. If I recall correctly, the tour wasn’t actually meant to get to this point, but soldier turned us away from Jericho. The city wasn’t stable at the time of our visit and everyone was being diverted away. So we missed out on Jericho, but we got to see a pretty amazing monastery built right into a cliff wall. Come back tomorrow and I’ll post a picture of the monastery!


2 responses to “Jericho…Almost

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  1. The texture and toning evokes a strong mood. Any luck translating what’s painted on the pillar?

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