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Camels, Israel, camel, desert, Judean Desert

Maybe it’s a common sight in the Judean Desert, but I was not expecting to see camels wandering about in Israel. If I thought about it, perhaps I would have put two and two together. That said, when we spotted these camels, we’d just come through an area in the desert where the Israeli military practices. There were several burned-out, blown-up buses up to this point. Doesn’t really seem the best place for animals to be loitering.

They didn’t seem to be anywhere near anything or anyone so I thought they were likely feral. They may well have been since Bedouin families sometimes release old or injured camels. They could also have been part of a free-roaming domestic herd that just covers a lot of ground given the sparse vegetation.


5 responses to “Unexpected

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  1. Great capture Mike. I really love reading the accompanying commentary to all your photos -it really helps provide a context and insight into your images too.

  2. Did you take one for a spin? Camels are such peculiar animals, one of my favorites. I like processing here as it has a silhouette quality but retains some detail.

  3. Great shot. Love its simplicity in tone and composition.

  4. What a great photo and an interesting read!

  5. Great shot 🙂

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