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Still in Israel, this was a scene from our tour of the Judean Desert. Along the way, we came to a cistern that the local Bedouin families use for water. This girl was watering her goats as we arrived. At least, that’s what she was trying to do until we got in her way. I felt a bit uncomfortable invading her space, but our tour guide clearly had no qualms. He just pulled up to the cistern, hopped out of the jeep and stepped onto the cistern blocking her access to the water entirely. The guide seemed entirely oblivious to her, almost like she didn’t exist.

She looks young to me – maybe 10 or 11 years old and yet, here she was managing a herd of goats on her own and apparently well out of sight of home. Maybe this seems normal for people raised on a farm, but for a lifetime city-dweller like me, she seemed old beyond her years.


7 responses to “Waiting

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  1. So interesting!

  2. Great composition. I love the pose you captured of her standing hand on hip (also the expression on her face).

  3. Wonderful image. Loved reading the story behind it!

  4. Bless her, how amazingly different our lifestyles can be and how much we can learn from 1 country to another. I have an 8 years old boy and there’s no way he would last an hour living like this little girl. Great post.

  5. Love everything about this, but especially the pose of the girl and her facial expression. It kind of looks like the goats may had released some odors near her 🙂 But it sounds like she was likely giving that guide the evil eye!

  6. great shot and great story !! body language says it all …

  7. Nice portrait, Mike. Adrian

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