Remarkable Rocks, Kangaroo Island, South Australia   5 comments

Remarkable Rocks, South Australia, Kangaroo Island, Australia, coast, erosion, wind erosion

As the title says, this image is from a spot in South Australia called the Remarkable Rocks. They can be found on the south-western shore of Kangaroo Island. To get to Kangaroo Island, you need to hop on a ferry. The ferry only takes about 45 minutes, but that doesn’t stop it from being the most expensive ferry in the southern hemisphere. A return trip for the family (with car) ran us over $400. The ferry fills up so you have to pre-book. At $400, you don’t want to miss your booking.

Keeping that little piece of information in mind, here’s how our trip to the ferry went. We had stayed in Adelaide the night before our trip to Kangaroo Island. On the day of our crossing, we left Adelaide two hours before our departure time. That gave us plenty of time to take a couple of brief stops along the way.

We made our way down to the ferry terminal arriving a full half hour before the departure time (12:30) only to find the ferry was already boarding. We stopped the car and walked into the terminal to pick up our boarding passes. I casually walked out to the car while the rest of the family was asked to board on foot. We were going to be packed in so tight, there’d be no room for the family to open the other doors on the car. We were the second last car on the ferry. As I walked up the steps to the main deck I realized we were already pulling away. It turned out our 12:30 departure was actually a noon departure (oops). Maybe I should have checked those tickets before heading out…

More about K.I. tomorrow.


5 responses to “Remarkable Rocks, Kangaroo Island, South Australia

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  1. Your photos bring back a ton of memories for me. Kangaroo Island was where I got my first taste of the red dust. I saw my first Koala and those rocks are remarkable but, yep, at $400 dollars a pop, you wouldn’t want to miss that ferry.

  2. The ‘rocks’ photo looks great in Black and White. Right place at the right time & great composition.
    I’ve never been to Kangaroo Island. Surprising since I used to visit the Adelaide hills a lot in my youth (as a friend moved there at age 19).

  3. I like the interplay between light and shadow. Clean and beautiful image!

  4. Love the side lighting and then how the middle main rock is a bit darker, and also agree with Iltana about the lights & darks. What cool rocks.

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