Remarkable Rocks III   5 comments

Kangaroo Island, South Australia, Australia, Southern Ocean, Remarkable Rocks, rocks, erosion, wind erosion

I was talking to someone else who’d also been to the Remarkable Rocks and apparently we were luckier than they were. They visited the site at the same time as a bus load of tourists and the place was over-run with people. I guess I should count myself lucky that we barely had to share the rocks with anyone.


5 responses to “Remarkable Rocks III

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  1. It almost looks like the open mouth of some prehistoric creature… Like the warm – cold colour contrasts between the water and the rock.

  2. Looks like a snapping-turtle. Beautiful photo.

  3. Zoe says “dragon”. Great colours!

  4. The composition here is superb, Mike. It’s almost like a puzzle the way all the shapes come together. Nice one.

  5. None of my Remarkable Rocks photos look like these!!! I have taken photos of the same rocks and in the same place, and my rocks, don’t look too remarkable/special. Lovely work.

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