Remarkable Rocks IV   10 comments

Remarkable Rocks, Kangaroo Island, sunset, South Australia, Australia, Southern Ocean

Here’s one last shot of the Remarkable Rocks…


10 responses to “Remarkable Rocks IV

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  1. Incredible photo!!! So sureal.

  2. Great shot Mike, i looks quite surreal to me and nicely framed- it would make a great postcard!

  3. Amazing! Looks almost unreal….

  4. Another wonderfully captured beauty!

  5. Really like what the PP did to the textures here, Mike. I think it helps bring out how the wind has smoothed the rock. And the rocks are balanced so well with the blue sky. On a side note, the rock looks like a hornet nest in a way.

  6. That’s remarkable, Mike, other worldly, like Dali, and bizarre, the surface of another planet – is there some HDR in there? Good picture! Adrian

    • Hi Adrian, thanks for the comments. There is, in fact, no HDR in this image. There are some curve adjustment layers to bring up or down brightness in selected areas. There might be some lingering HDR-look from the treatment I used through Silver Efex Pro to enhance the texture using the ‘structure’ sliders.

  7. what an amazing capture..the texture of the rocks is amazing and the POV is great. To me this invokes an image of fossilized head of an ancient dinosaur..

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