You Make Me Feel Like Dancing…   9 comments

silhouette, dancing, sunset, remarkable rocks, kangaroo island, south australia

Here’s a fun little series showing my five-year old (at the time) dancing atop the Remarkable Rocks in South Australia as the sun dropped behind her. I really love how she gets such joy from something so simple as just being outside.


9 responses to “You Make Me Feel Like Dancing…

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  1. a cute series! Great silhouette effect

  2. I always think outdoorsy nature children look much happier than the two thumbed techno tribe

  3. What a lovely energi! 🙂

  4. Wonderful! Love how you’ve collaged these!

    As adults, I wish we could once again feel this kind of joy at simple things!

  5. A fun shot, indeed. Really like the center three where you caught the sunburst on busting through the side. The silhouettes are great and love the b&w. But I do wonder what these would look like say in an orange or blue monochrome. This is a great keepsake.

  6. Lovely series, Mike! Adrian

  7. I love this picture. such joy and happiness captured in a unique way.

  8. Love the dance, totally made me smile! Thank you for sharing Mike.

  9. This is a great series of photos, like the silhouette look. Children don’t need anything to make them happy other than the ability to enjoy themselves.

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