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Drumheller, Alberta, Canada, Canadian Badlands, Badlands, Alberta Badlands, Horseshoe Canyon

Hey folks! Been a while. What can I say? I just wasn’t feeling terribly inspired with the camera. Luckily, last weekend we got out-of-town to visit the little town of Drumheller, Alberta which sits in the middle of the Canadian Badlands. Drumheller is known for its dinosaurs. In fact, they’re so proud of their dinosaur status, their city website is They get their dinosaur status from the incredible number and variety of dinosaur remains found in the area.

With so many dinosaur remains, they built what is surely one of the most amazing dinosaur museums in the world, the Royal Tyrell Museum. Simply amazing. That was our first stop on Sunday morning. We got their at a reasonable hour, but it being a long weekend, the crowds soon overwhelmed us. It’s open late so we decided we’d return after an afternoon out in the much-less-crowded great outdoors.

Avoiding the throngs of people, we headed down to Horseshoe Canyon (pictured above). While the signs compare the view to the splendour of the Grand Canyon, this canyon was considerably more modest. Not that it wasn’t a pretty sight, but it’s no Grand Canyon. Lucky for us, this canyon is way more accessible and easy to get into. You need a little balance and sure-footedness to get down into the canyon, but once you’re in you can go wherever you like and stay as long as you please.

After an afternoon hiking, we grabbed dinner and headed back to the museum to find we had it literally to ourselves. Now that’s a great way to enjoy a museum!


4 responses to “Canadian Badlands

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  1. I’d love to visit Canada at least once in my life…. and I love your photography, too!
    If you have a sec, drop by my blog, too, I’d like to see what a pro would say for my amateur shot!:-)

  2. Totally understand the feeling Mike,been there so many times myself, if the spirit does´nt move you……

  3. Nicely efficient, being able to hit both. I recently watched something on the science channel about the area and they also aluded to the museum. Great layers in rocks, and the detail is captured well.

  4. Natural llight in phenomenal in the Canadian Badlands. If you’re roadtripping, try to get into the Special Areas – Veteran / Consort, Neutral Hills territory. Red Deer and South Saskatchewan Rivers both have extraordinary badlands in this part of the region too.

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