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Drumheller, Alberta, shower, showers, coal mine, hot shower, coal miners, Atlas Coal Mine

The Atlas Coal Mine was established outside Drumheller around 1911. This images shows the shower room. After a long shift in the coal mine a whole lot of very dirty men would come here to clean up. In fact, because it was a coal mine, this was the only location in town that offered hot showers. The story goes that the women back in town were really jealous of the hot showers, especially in the deep cold of winter. The men, knowing what was good for them, argued with the mine manager to let the women use the shower when it wasn’t in use. They managed to get the women one night a week – Sundays. In the days before readily available hot water in the homes, I bet these showers felt really good.


10 responses to “Shower Anyone?

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  1. Cool photo, and I like the history!!

  2. Great tones and composition Mike 🙂

  3. Most excellent.. just enough colour to relieve the greyness.. Interesting light too.

  4. Nicely done Mike; love the image and post processing. Like Helen and Adrian, I also like the warm tones in this one. Was it a bracketed exposure?

    • Yes, just three brackets blended in Photomatix. Then Tonal Contrast filter from Color Efex Pro to bring out the textures in the floor and walls a bit more.

  5. Nice anecdote to accompany the photo. So how does one shower and actually make it out clean again? I bet those floors were cold. Great PP on this one.

  6. Intriguing image and very interesting piece of historical background.

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