The Official Drumheller Hoodoos   11 comments

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These are the “Official Drumheller Hoodoos”. Apparently, there are hoodoos all over the badlands, but this is the official protected site. While we didn’t cover a huge amount the badlands by any means, these were also just about the only hoodoos we saw. At least, the only ones of any reasonable size. I’m sure there were others, but we didn’t see them.

The funny thing about these hoodoos is that this is almost the only view available that doesn’t include the network of metal stairs, pathways and railings that surround this site. In an effort to stop visitors from damaging the site they have recently erected a rigorous infrastructure that nearly eliminates the ability for us photogs to get a shot of the natural splendour without ironworks sprouting around each corner. Thankfully, with careful scouting, there remains this one vantage point.


11 responses to “The Official Drumheller Hoodoos

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  1. Well done for finding the vantage point. For sure the railings would’ve ruined the shot.

  2. Gosh they are something else..

  3. Stunning image. It certainly would have been spoilt with man-made stairs cutting into the stone expanse.

  4. Stunning. So much of the world I know nothing about. So much of where I live I know nothign about. Thanks for provoking my curiousity!

  5. Very fascinating and intriguing rock formations. Beautiful capture!

  6. Nice capture, and good work making the best of a difficult situation.

  7. Awesome Mike. They’re spectacular!

  8. I’d never heard of a hoodoo before…but now I know what it is. Very other worldly and cool shot

  9. There has to be a better way of protecting these sites than that. But you did make well on these cool structures. Love the details in the earth.

  10. Yes, they really did bitch up a spectacular formation. These hoodoos used to have a certain romance, a mystque. That has been taken away. To sit among these old giants on a warm moonlit night was magic.Now?

  11. Beautiful shot!

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