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Drumheller, Alberta, East Coulee, Atlas Coal Mine, Coal Mine, tipple, history, historic, coal

Pictured above is the coal tipple at the Atlas Coal Mine in Drumheller, Alberta. The coal used to ride a conveyor belt down from the hills to the right and then up another conveyor tunnel to the main building. The main structure is the tipple where the coal was sorted and loaded into train cars.

Coal was booming business back in the 1900s in Alberta. Between 1912 and 1966 the coal mines in the Drumheller area produced nearly 57,000,000 tons of coal. When oil was discovered nearby in 1948, demand for coal suffered a steep decline. Coal mining towns shrunk dramatically. Some were completely abandoned. By 1979, the coal years in Drumheller were all over.


7 responses to “Atlas Coal Mine

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  1. Nice capture. The sepia tone and texture are just right.

  2. Nice! Looks like a photo from the early 1900s

  3. Ramp to nowhere? I love the moods you put in these shots. Someone could write something poetic about the futility of human effort 😉 Nice that they kept some of this in Drumheller. Canmore’s coal mining past is nearly invisible now.

  4. Beautiful shot, and I love the toning – just right! Adrian

  5. Absolutely love this one as it has that early film look, but retains the detail. The little white fence on the left is a nice detail that I think finishes the photo.

  6. Excellent composition and background information.

  7. Lovely composition and another one of your fantastic textured shots 🙂

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