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Tree, Reflection, foliage, pattern, patterns, spring, Edmonton, Alberta

…that I’m a little preoccupied lately? I suppose that might be evident from the blog. I haven’t posted in three weeks! While I’ve had the camera out a bit, it has almost entirely been either for work purposes (teaching photo workshops at my daughter’s school), practical purposes (photographing many of my worldly possessions so I can post them online and sell them), or documentary purposes (photographing graduation and going away parties). I have not shot for fun at all in these past three weeks.

Instead of photography, I’ve been downsizing our household, sorting out plane tickets, and organising movers because we’re moving again. If you’ve followed this blog for a long time, you’d know that we’re a bit nomadic. We’ve lived in several cities in Canada including Ottawa, Fredericton, Toronto, Vancouver, and Edmonton. We’ve also lived in New Zealand and in Australia. We’ve never tried the same city twice until now. In three days, we’re putting our lives in a shipping container and sending it back down under.

Before we go, we’re going to do a bit of a cross-country tour going as far west as Vancouver and Salt Spring Island and as far east as Ottawa with lots of stops in between. When we’re well and truly exhausted, we’ll board our flight to Melbourne on August 17.

With us flipping our lives upside down this summer, you’re not going to hear from me very often, but hopefully, I’ll have lots of stories and lots of pictures to share once we get settled in late August.



13 responses to “Did I Happen to Mention…

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  1. Good luck on the move, looking forward to your posts on life down under in the near future πŸ™‚

  2. Wow! Best of luck on the move!

  3. And the adventure continues!!! All the best!

  4. Back to Oz! Good luck and hope it all goes smoothly. Looking forward to some of your shots whilst in transit Mike.

  5. You’re moving back to my homeland before I can even think of relocating back Down Under. Good luck!

  6. Good luck on the move Mike.
    Hope to see you taking lots of snaps at Melbourne Zoo next summer. We may even bump into each other one day. Look forward to seeing some Victorian country images on your site soon (as well as some moving shots).

  7. Good luck, Mike. That’s quite a globetrotting move!

  8. lovely image.

  9. Hi Mike, are you coming back to Deloitte too? Have a safe trip. Marion

  10. I wish you all the best in your new life adventure. Ah, Melbourne–one of my favorite cities in Oz. And only a short hop to Tassie, my favorite place in the country. I look forward to seeing the fruits of your new adventures. Bonbon voyage!

  11. Mike – all good wishes for this move down under – I hope all goes safely and well. Look forward to more posts from you – but, you know, I don’t think a gap in blogging affects anything, and especially so for a photo blog – the blogger just re-appears later. Take care! Adrian

  12. I’ve also been much less active recently, with us having moved out of our flat two months ago and hitting the road in our ’98 Fiat Punto (roofbox included!) We’ve been in France for a month now and here in Vichy for a couple of weeks (where we plan to stay a few more weeks) so am sort of getting back into the swing, but it’s also hard to keep following those blogs I enjoy. I hope the move down under goes well. I lived in Townsville, Queensland when I was a 6/7 years old, and I really loved it, but I think it’s much more developed now. The only tall building at the time was a twelve storey hotel, now there are many more β€” and taller! I’ve also spent some time in NZ (Auckland and Kawau Island) and really love that country too. Look forward to your down under posts once you get there and get settled.

  13. Have a great adventure. Take lots of pictures. πŸ˜€

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