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Hopefully, this is me getting back to regular blogging. It’s been pretty patchy since May, but I have good excuses. Packing up house and moving around the world to Melbourne, Australia takes a bit of effort.

Sorting, purging and selling started in May and got serious in June. As of June 28, we were officially homeless and our lives were either packed up in suitcases or in a big metal box. We took the suitcases with us and wished the big metal box an uneventful 10-week trip across the Pacific. We then set off on a six-week tour of Canada, visiting friends family on the west coast, camping through the beautiful Rocky Mountains, visiting more family in Southern Ontario, invading the homes of friends in Ottawa and then back to Vancouver again.

The image above is the city of Vancouver as seen from Stanley Park during our visit to the west coast of Canada.

On August 19th, exactly one month ago, we arrived in Melbourne with very little organised beyond a hotel and a hire car. Given the low starting point, we’ve accomplished a lot in one month. We moved into a house (shipment delivery day was very exciting!), we bought a car, we bought appliances and furniture, the kids are back in school, the older one has high school sorted, we’ve caught up with a few friends, and I’m back to full-time (non-photographic) work.

Although we’ve been away from Melbourne for two years, everything is so familiar that it seems like it was just a blink.


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  1. Welcome back Mike. Sounds like an exciting, but stressful summer.

  2. Welcome back Mike. Glad to hear your settled in. What an image to come back with…beautiful.

  3. Glad to see/read from you again. Jeez that was quite a summer moving and traveling across the world!

  4. Best wishes on your return to Melbourne/new adventures!

  5. Ah the texture! My morning visual dose of wake-up-and-pay-attention,-this-is-cool! is back. Thanks Mike and I hope you still find time to do this in the midst of family and work and being back “home”.

  6. Good picture, Mike – and good to see you back! Adrian

  7. Nice shot of Vancouver. Beautiful city. Oh… I sure miss the Pacific Northwest.

    Sounds like you had quite a busy summer. Glad you and family made it to Melbourne safe and sound. Look forward to seeing your real work (photography) of your new home. 🙂

  8. Nice to see you back, and wow, what a journey! Sounds like everyone in the family held in well. That sky is full on and I like the tone here as it cools the image down nicely. Best of luck on your new re-adventure in Melbourne.

  9. Welcome (back) to Australia!

  10. Such a powerful image!

  11. This is a fantastic shot, the reflections and clouds are spot on, perfect exposure and excellent PP. I really need to try Silver… I tend to only use lightroom but the B/W conversions from SFX seem to be mindblowing.

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