Leading the Pack   6 comments

Canadian Geese, geese, Canada, British Columbia, Reifel Island, birds, formation

Found these Canadian Geese on a summer stroll at Reifel Island Migratory Bird Sanctuary south of Vancouver in British Columbia, Canada.



6 responses to “Leading the Pack

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  1. Quick…follow that goose!

  2. Great photo. I feel like this could inspire an excellent children’s book.

  3. hey, what a super capture. Right place at the right time or maybe you were ready and waiting. Anyway I like it.

  4. They have quite the character! 🙂

  5. Great shot. I really like the composition and your choice of shallow DOF. And nice capture of the leadership expression on the first goose. 🙂

  6. Excellent picture, Mike, I like that very much! I think Emily’s right about the shallow DOF, and other contributing factors are the more or less overhead lighting, and the fact that the very pale ground has very little detail and is virtually uniform. Good stuff! Adrian

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