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Vancouver, English Bay, Burrard Inlet, west coast, British Columbia, Canada, shore, beach, sea weed, cloudy, clouds, storm, ocean, Pacific Ocean

I grew up on the eastern(ish) side of Canada, a long, long way from any ocean, but on the shore of a beautiful little lake. While the ocean was far away, there were lakes everywhere!

It wasn’t until my 31st year that  I found myself living with the ocean at my doorstep. That ocean was a very long way from home. In fact, it was all the way around the world. Despite 30 perfectly happy years without the ocean in sight, I became firmly coastal. While I accept that I’m not likely to ever own that dream beach house in this very developed world, I’m feeling pretty committed to at least living nearby. As a result, many of my favourite images are by the coast. Throw in a dramatic sky and I’m all set.

This particular piece of coast is on the west coast of Canada, in Vancouver.



5 responses to “Coastal

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  1. Love the balance between monochrome and colour!

  2. Once again, like the goose shot, I really like the selective composition and shallow dof of this image. While it’s nice to have sunny weather 99 percent of the time here in Arizona, I am still trying to adjust to living without the ocean… and yikes, the rain… not sure if I will ever. I’m an ocean girl at heart.

  3. Mike I want to let you know that I’ve nominated you for the Very Inspiring Blogger Award. To accept the award go to and complete the process.

  4. Beautiful image, Mike – vibrant colours, and I love the way it fades off into a greyer and more blurred distance. Adrian

  5. Oh this is gorgeous. Great perspective!

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