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You might think I’m not here any more with the frequency I’ve been posting and commenting, but the truth is that I work long hours in an office environment these days and find myself reluctant to hop back on the computer in the evenings or on the weekends.

The fact is that, at the moment, technology consulting is my primary focus. I took a luxurious, self-indulgent couple of years pursuing photography full-time and while I found my photography skills improved immensely, my earning potential and my CV took a serious beating. Not discounting everything I’ve learned about making better images, the biggest thing I actually learned was that I have no desire to be a full-time professional photographer. I’m incredibly thankful that I took the opportunity to try and now I know that it’s not for me. I’m not cut out to be a full-time creative.

By no means should you take from this that I’m giving up photography or giving up blogging, but I am re-prioritising. Photography is back in hobby status. I’ll still shoot, I’ll still blog, and I’ll still look for opportunities to sell and exhibit my work, but it’s not my full-time gig any more. It’s back to the rat race for me. I’m commuting an hour and a half every day and working 9 to 11 hours and I’m loving the challenges, the brain-strain, and the many, complex relationships that make up a busy office.

Stay tuned and keep checking in. I’ll re-balance soon enough and start picking up the camera again. Hopefully, you’ll even start seeing images from Australia soon. For now, though, we’ll have to make do with pictures from this past summer in Canada. This image is from Algonquin Park in Ontario, Canada. These canoes had clearly seen some action. Despite appearances, they’re still roadworthy – I enjoyed many hours exploring the lake with anyone who was game to go out for a paddle.



7 responses to “Still Here

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  1. Beautiful picture, Mike! And boy do I know what you mean about not wanting to be a full-time professional photographer – its commonly held up as the Holy Grail of “serious” amateur photographers, something we must all strive for – but without ever have been a professional its easy to see how it would have the capacity to really erode the joys and pleasures we derive from our hobby.

    Don’t worry about not posting much – I’ll still be out here as will everyone else. Good luck with the consulting! Adrian

  2. Back to the office grind, Mike. I can certainly understand that; bills have to be paid after all. Sounds like you’re quite relishing the new job though so I wish you well with the new challenges. Looking forward to your continued posts though – your photography is superb. All the best with everything.

  3. And that last paddle up the creek (with a paddle) and on to the waterfall was most enjoyable even if my knee gave up during the last mile coming home. Dad

  4. I’ve truly been there, too, Mike, and it’s much more fun as a hobby, albeit a serious one. Nice to see you back, and looking forward to more, as your time and other priorities permit!

  5. Don´t blame you one bit Mike, i think creativity works best when done for oneself, and creativity is in what ever you do- nothing more,nothing less, we´ll be interested in seeing what you do photographically in Oz ,when you´re under less pressure-whenever that is! good luck, mate:)

  6. Best of luck. May your creative spring continue to flow. 🙂

  7. Good to see you back, Mike. I’ve actually been experiencing the same thing recently. I took up a few clients and it can definitely sap the energy. I’ve definitely learned that I couldn’t do it all day as it starts to detract from what I am interested in doing. I haven’t posted in quite some time but should be at it again shortly. Really love the color in this one and how your exposure really brought out the wear and tear on the canoes.

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