Slow Photography III   5 comments

Port Phillip Bay, beach, Melbourne, St. Kilda, pier, dock, sunset, couple, calm, slow photography


Just a few days ago on the beach, taking this picture, I was wearing a fleece hoodie trying to stay warm in a cold southerly wind. Today it’s 36C! Despite the heat, we took the kids to the zoo for a few hours before it got really hot. Tomorrow … 41C. Going to be chasing the air conditioning…

Anyway, the picture above is another long exposure. This one was 30s at f16 with the variable ND filter cranked up. Again, the water was pretty rough, but the long exposure smoothes it right out.



5 responses to “Slow Photography III

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  1. Yum! Another great shot! I see you guys are in for a bit of a heat wave over the next week. I suppose you can be thankful that you’re not in Coober Pedy, South Australia – they’re looking at temperatures above 45C for the next week! Personally, I’m hoping we’ll be spared most of it in Sydney. Stay cool Mike.

  2. I really like this new series, Mike–it’s good to slow down and contemplate. All my best for a productive and rewarding new year!

  3. Excellent composition. Very dramatic use of light & detail.

  4. Excellent photo there, really like the split.

  5. This is a good picture, Mike – in particular the colours and textures on the massive piece of masonry/concrete that recedes so spectacularly into the distance – very impressive! Adrian

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