Spoonbill Charging   6 comments

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Yesterday, I mentioned we took the kids to the zoo. Now, some might argue that’s just an excuse for me to bring my camera to the zoo.

Justifications aside, here’s one I caught of a spoonbill having a wash. He kindly put on quite a show as I waited and watched. He looks a bit cross and ready to charge, but I’m not convinced he even noticed I was there.

Today was a hot one in Melbourne – temperature hit 41C in our neighbourhood. It’s now 10:30pm and it’s still 36C out there. Thank goodness for air conditioning, but with the age of our air conditioner, I’m not looking forward to the electricity bill! I hid inside most of the day, but not before going for a 20km bicycle ride this morning. I had to call it quits when the temp hit 34C – roughly coincided with me nearly bursting into flames…


6 responses to “Spoonbill Charging

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  1. Very nice capture.
    Love the droplets of water flying in the air.

  2. 20km bike ride in 30+ heat?! You’re bonkers!! 🙂 Nice shot of the Spoonbill though.

  3. What a landing! Lovely capture!

  4. Any excuse to go to the zoo is worth it, and there’s no need for any excuse to go out with a camera.. Spectacular spoonbill shot! The hottest weather I’ve ever experienced (42 C) was also in Australia, in Broken Hill, NSW. At least it was a dry heat, and there was wind. Must be even more impressive in the city.

  5. Beautiful shot, Mike, I like that a lot! Adrian

  6. Great timing. Really like how his head feathers are so wild. Sound like some serious heat down there right now. But would you trade it for the cold where you lived in Canada right now?

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