So Endith Summer Vacation   8 comments

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I know, it’s just an ostrich right, but I quite like the background so I’m sharing it!

Looks like it’s back to work for me tomorrow. This was my last day of summer vacation. It went fast, but we had a good time. With all the travel earlier this year it was nice to just stay local, visit with friends, go on picnics, go on bike rides, enjoy time by the beach and some quiet days at home with the family.

The challenge now will be to keep up the blog while working. I’ll do my best!


8 responses to “So Endith Summer Vacation

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  1. Very nice background indeed.

  2. Good luck back at work. Luckily, I’ve got one more week off.

  3. Love the smug smile! So sorry to hear about the terrible wildfires in Tassie–is everything OK on the northern side of the Bass Strait?

  4. Once you said background I did a double take. Very nifty. Do ostriches and giraffes usually hang out together?

  5. With his expression, it almost seems as if you were planning to take a photo of the giraffe and he photo-bombed you.

  6. Another great bird portrait from you, Mike – is that background a Reticulated Giraffe – or just painted to look like one? Good stuff! Adrian

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