Slow Photography IV   7 comments

Seaford, Port Phillip Bay, Melbourne, Beach, Runner, running, panning, long exposure, ocean, sunset, sandHere’s a variation on slow photography using a slow(ish) shutter speed, but with a moving subject. Using my variable ND filter, ISO 50, and f13 I was able to get this shot down to 1/5th of a second. By panning with the runner I was blurred her arms and legs keeping the body and head relatively steady. The bright sun reflecting off the bay provided a great opportunity to turn the runner into a near silhouette.

I tried longer exposures, but with the bright background, the runner’s arms and legs were largely lost in the light and almost didn’t register in the image. The notion of a head and torso hurtling down the beach didn’t really work with the image I was trying to create…



7 responses to “Slow Photography IV

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  1. Nice one Mike. The runner is nearly transparent in places.

  2. Very nicely executed – a really effective shot!

  3. I like this, Mike. Really great effect on horizontal lines.

  4. Of your Slow pix I’ve seen so far, this one is the most interesting. Great effect and results. More please….

  5. Superb motion. 🙂

  6. I like this effect, Mike, well done! Adrian

  7. Fantastic photo, this one is just stunning.

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