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Bird, baby bird, Melbourne, Australia

I believe this young fella is a Common Myna. I found him (or her) and his sibling on our front walk as I was arriving home from work on Friday. They’re new borns not quite ready for flight. As they get used to their whole new world, they seem to have taken ownership of our front yard entirely. Anyone comes near, there’s a whole lot of squawking from the parents followed by swooping and grand attempts to lead us away. We’ve kept our distance – thank goodness for telephotos…


5 responses to “Temporary Guest

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  1. Very nice shot – it looks very young with that soft downy cover.

  2. Great shot. That eye almost doesn’t look real.

  3. Great find and capture, Mike. Really like how the down came out on the bird. Looks like some rather big feet he has to grow into too.

  4. I have stopped at each of your recent bird images. Excellent find, one and all, and good photography of each…I liked ’em all.

  5. Nice picture, Mike, a really good portrait! I like these bird pictures of your’s! Adrian

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