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I believe this young fella is a Common Myna. I found him (or her) and his sibling on our front walk as I was arriving home from work on Friday. They’re new borns not quite ready for flight. As they get used to their whole new world, they seem to have taken ownership of our front yard entirely. Anyone comes near, there’s a whole lot of squawking from the parents followed by swooping and grand attempts to lead us away. We’ve kept our distance – thank goodness for telephotos…


Slow Photography IV   7 comments

Seaford, Port Phillip Bay, Melbourne, Beach, Runner, running, panning, long exposure, ocean, sunset, sandHere’s a┬ávariation on slow photography using a slow(ish) shutter speed, but with a moving subject. Using my variable ND filter, ISO 50, and f13 I was able to get this shot down to 1/5th of a second. By panning with the runner I was blurred her arms and legs keeping the body and head relatively steady. The bright sun reflecting off the bay provided a great opportunity to turn the runner into a near silhouette.

I tried longer exposures, but with the bright background, the runner’s arms and legs were largely lost in the light and almost didn’t register in the image. The notion of a head and torso hurtling down the beach didn’t really work with the image I was trying to create…


Brief Rewind   4 comments

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Sorry, but I’m going to backup a bit here. I had prepared a couple of images earlier that I forgot to post so bear with me as I rewind to a picture from last (Canadian) summer. The timing of this image is the same rainy morning as the canoes that I posted last week. It was a very grey, wet, dark morning; not the kind that normally encourages me to get my camera out, but I’m glad I did.


So Endith Summer Vacation   8 comments

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I know, it’s just an ostrich right, but I quite like the background so I’m sharing it!

Looks like it’s back to work for me tomorrow. This was my last day of summer vacation. It went fast, but we had a good time. With all the travel earlier this year it was nice to just stay local, visit with friends, go on picnics, go on bike rides, enjoy time by the beach and some quiet days at home with the family.

The challenge now will be to keep up the blog while working. I’ll do my best!

Getting a Scolding   1 comment

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Another from Thursdays adventure to the zoo.

Sadly just one more day of vacation before it’s time to go back to work. We enjoyed a day visiting with friends over lunch followed with a couple of hours at the beach. A perfect vacation kind of day!

Spoonbill Charging   6 comments

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Yesterday, I mentioned we took the kids to the zoo. Now, some might argue that’s just an excuse for me to bring my camera to the zoo.

Justifications aside, here’s one I caught of a spoonbill having a wash. He kindly put on quite a show as I waited and watched. He looks a bit cross and ready to charge, but I’m not convinced he even noticed I was there.

Today was a hot one in Melbourne – temperature hit 41C in our neighbourhood. It’s now 10:30pm and it’s still 36C out there. Thank goodness for air conditioning, but with the age of our air conditioner, I’m not looking forward to the electricity bill! I hid inside most of the day, but not before going for a 20km bicycle ride this morning. I had to call it quits when the temp hit 34C – roughly coincided with me nearly bursting into flames…

Slow Photography III   5 comments

Port Phillip Bay, beach, Melbourne, St. Kilda, pier, dock, sunset, couple, calm, slow photography


Just a few days ago on the beach, taking this picture, I was wearing a fleece hoodie trying to stay warm in a cold southerly wind. Today it’s 36C! Despite the heat, we took the kids to the zoo for a few hours before it got really hot. Tomorrow … 41C. Going to be chasing the air conditioning…

Anyway, the picture above is another long exposure. This one was 30s at f16 with the variable ND filter cranked up. Again, the water was pretty rough, but the long exposure smoothes it right out.