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Happy Days   10 comments

This is the look you get when your already pretty-darn-happy child takes her brand new bathing suit out for a test drive.


Poolside   17 comments

We’ve been to Palm Springs twice and each time we rented a house with a pool, not as much for the adults as for the kids. The only challenge is that sometimes it’s hard to separate the kids from the pool like say, for example, if you want to take them hiking in Joshua Tree National Park.

Winter Has Arrived, But The Blog Is Still In Palm Springs   8 comments

Indian Canyons, Palm Springs, California

Winter has finally arrived in Edmonton. We’ve been enjoying unseasonably warm weather up until this past Sunday when temperatures began a very steep decline. Less than 10 days ago, it was 10C and we barely had any snow. We have a bit more snow now, but the mercury has dropped 40C to -30C. As I type, there is an extreme wind chill warning in effect that says the temperature (with wind chill) may drop past -50C tonight!

Despite this chilly news, I was actually out shooting yesterday. Now that we finally have a bit of snow, I’m ready for some winter photography even at -30C. Other than my cold extremities, the main challenge for cold weather shooting is my camera batteries. They don’t last long when exposed to these kinds of temperatures. I’ve learned to keep one or two spare batteries in an inside pocket to stay warm. When the camera in the battery gets too cold to function, I swap it for a warm one and tuck the cold one away. With this approach, my batteries will last longer than I will.

While I build up a few winter images, I’m not quite done with the shots from Palm Springs. Here’s one of an abandoned structure in Indian Canyons.

Young But Deadly   6 comments

Young Joshua Tree

Dramatic title, I know, but look at those spikes surrounding this young joshua tree! Seems a bit like overkill in the whole natural self-protection department.

Portrait of a Tree   8 comments

Joshua Tree

I was reading a wise post over at FATman Photos today about photographing landscapes and how maybe, just maybe, we didn’t always need to shoot our landscapes tack sharp from front to back. Luckily, I had prepared this image, from Joshua Tree National Park, earlier.

The Picture I Missed   8 comments

Rock Climbing in Joshua Tree National Park

Ok, so obviously this isn’t the picture I missed. It’s hard to miss pictures of rock climbers in the park. Climbers are everywhere. These crazy rock formations pop up all over the landscape and there seem to be climbers and almost all of them.

The picture I missed was of the tight-rope walker. A group of people had stretched a rope between two of these rock formations and as we were driving past, one brave soul was walking across this rope. The sun was behind him so he was silhouetted. It was a stunning sight – big dark rocks, a rope, and a lone tight-rope walker silhouetted against a brilliant blue sky. In the right position, I’m sure I could have captured the sun peaking through.

The problem was that I didn’t have a telephoto with me and he was too far away for the lenses I had. Best I could do was a 100mm and the person was too small by far. I didn’t want to lug my big lens with me on this trip so I left it at home. I wouldn’t have used it on any other occasion, but it would have been worth all the hassle just to get that shot.

More Than Just Joshua Trees   12 comments

Joshua Tree National Park

The 789,745 acres of Joshua Tree National Park overlap into two deserts, the Mojave and the Colorado. The Colorado covers the lower elevations to the east with the upper elevations in the Mojave Desert. The park is an easy one-hour drive from Palm Springs. It costs $15/car and that gets you a seven-day pass. With a seven-day pass, you can’t go just once. I managed to drag my family up twice!