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Day 257 – Where’s the Snow?   5 comments

I don’t understand where the snow is this year. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not complaining. It’s just that by this time last year it had already snowed a couple of times. If it’s going to be really cold out, you may as well have snow to make it look good too.

Of course, if there had been snow, I’d be in trouble because I haven’t picked up our leaves yet to the great pleasure of our six-year old. We raked the yard on Sunday (it was -3C) and she did some jumping!


Day 255 – A World Apart   13 comments

Busselton, Western Australia

Today’s image is quite similar to my previous post, but the images are separated by half the planet and a few years. It would seem there is something about boats reflecting in the ocean at sunset that catches my eye. The previous shot was on Canada’s west coast. Today’s image is on Australia’s west coast in the town of Busselton, a few hours drive south of Perth. This view is to the southwest. The line of land along the horizon is Cape Naturaliste.

This is a 4 second exposure which explains the movement in the mast on the left hand boat. The long exposure smoothed out the already fairly calm waters. At this stage, I was travelling without a tripod, so I believe I balanced the camera on a cement railing post and used the timer to avoid touching the camera.

I took this image on December 26, 2007 and it was hot. Really hot. The area around Perth had just experienced its three hottest days around Christmas. For three days in a row it was 45C to 46C (~115F). Hot enough to go in search of shelter in the middle of the day, but just fantastic for mornings and evenings at the beach.

That heat is another way this post is a world apart as we slide into winter here in central Alberta. Friday is supposed to be our first day where the high isn’t going to reach 0C. On the bright side, there’s still no snow yet.

Day 253 – Digital Darkroom Techniques   15 comments


This is a pretty old image. I can’t actually say when I captured it, but I can tell you that I was shooting with film and it was during an early morning rain on Salt Spring Island. Yes, Salt Spring Island again. You’d think I lived there given how often I feature images from the island.

You may have noted that I’ve been posting images from the archives lately. I’m enjoying going through my catalogue to see how I can breath new life into old (and not so old) images with everything I’ve learned over the past six to eight months.

If any of these techniques are of any interest to you whatsoever, you should pop on over to a new blog called Digital Darkroom Techniques. This is a collaborative blog for a community of post-processors that want to share their secrets and build up their toolkit. This is a brand new blog so there’s only one post up at the moment, but we’re hoping it’ll grow and become a great meeting place for WordPress photo bloggers that want to learn more about post-processing of their digital images. Other than myself, the current list of bloggers signed up to contribute include¬†Brandon Brasseaux of When This Becomes There, David Williams of Photographs by David, and Emily Gooch of Emily’s Photography Blog.

We’re keen for folks to join up and share. If you’re frequently found hunkered down in your digital darkroom and you want to share the secret steps in your process then express your interest in a comment on the Digital Darkroom Techniques About page. A couple of admin steps will need to happen, then you’ll be all set to contribute an article of your own. Look forward to seeing you there.

Day 248 – Flight From the Chief   9 comments

Embarrassing. Accidentally pushed the publish before I was ready to publish – sorry ’bout that folks. My first misfire since I started this blog. Blank tweet removed from Twitter. Blank post removed from FB. This post quickly updated with a rather rushed post. Where exactly is the QA process here?!?

As you can see, I’m still going through images from my trip out west. If this bird looks¬†familiar, that’s because I took this picture just a few seconds before this one.

Just a quick one for me today – I’m single-dad’ing for the next ten days, it’s nearly 10pm and someone needs to finish doing the dishes. Oh the excitement!

BTW – do you like this toning better? Or do you prefer the blue?

Day 247 – Autumn in the River Valley   3 comments

Here’s another multiple exposure from Sunday afternoon. I never have to ask twice to do a photo with my kids. As soon as I ask, they’re all “pick me! pick me!”. I’m so glad I have such willing models. One of my younger daughter’s friends hates having her picture taken. I’ve managed to sneak up on her and get some good images, but as soon as she spots the camera she gets upset and turns away. I can’t imagine why she’s so reluctant about cameras, but I’m so glad my kids don’t react that way. I don’t know what I’d shoot!

Day 246 – This Tree Is Made For Climbing And That’s Just What I’ll Do   3 comments

Tree Climbing

I wasn’t actually going to post today. It’s not that I don’t have images backed up, but I’m working on other things and the blog can’t always come first. Given the time is quickly approaching midnight, apparently the blog came last today.

As I mentioned yesterday, we spent some quality time outside on Sunday enjoying the autumn in the river valley in Edmonton. The above image is one in my long-running series of multiple exposures. I created this one from a series of images in Hawrelak Park.

There’s a little duck pond – actually a fairly large duck pond – in the middle of this park. I heard on the news tonight that the mayor rejected a $60 million proposal to make the pond swimmable. Sounds like the mayor decided the $60M price tag was a bit steep and suggested they build a splash pad and truck in some sand for closer to $5M. Seems a bit more reasonable. Seriously, Edmonton only has maybe three months where you could reasonably swim outside and in two of those months you’d be eaten alive by mosquitoes. Not sure that would be $60M well spent.

Day 226 – Life’s Not Just Rainbows and Unicorns   6 comments

You may have seen this photo a couple of days ago, but it has gone through a few more revisions in the meantime. I have to thank Adrian for the inspiration. He left a comment on Day 223 saying the previous version looked a bit Avatar. The notion stuck so I ran with it. The stripes come from the zebra on Day 211. The eyes are actually wood grain with a colour shift. The fangs were cut from a photo I pulled off the web. The concrete texture behind her is from the foundation of our house. There’s also a bit of texture in her face from the high-level bridge here in Edmonton.

My six-year old loved it so we added the tagline and turned it into a 24″x36″ poster for her bedroom wall.

Sadly, the ten-year old likes it so much, I now have to do one of her. Doesn’t she understand how long this image took me to make? Really though, it’s my own fault. Looks like I really set myself up for that one.