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Day 233 – How About Some Whiskey, Jack?   2 comments

Whiskey Jacks at Whistler Summit in BC

This title came into my head about three weeks ago and even with age, it’s still not very clever. ┬áThis bird is a Gray Jay, also known as a Canada Jay or as a Whiskey Jack. These birds are known for their boldness in approaching humans for food. We encountered these birds around the summit of Whistler. As soon as we entered their territory (about 7km into our hike), they started checking us out.

As we stopped by a pond for a rest and some photos, a few gray jays came in to check us for food. At one point, I was taking pictures and one of my friends says “Mike, there’s a whiskey jack right beside you”. I turn to see and can’t see anything. I’m looking around and she says, “No, it’s right beside you”. I’m turning back and forth with my camera at the ready and still can’t find it. Finally I lower the camera and there it was below my camera less than 1 metre away looking up at me expectantly. It was so close, I couldn’t even take a picture. I had a long lens on the camera that doesn’t focus closer than 1.8m.

This is when my friend explains how bold these birds are and they’ll even come land on your hand if you hold it out as she proceeded to demonstrate. Because these birds are so bold, they are very easy to capture (with the camera). So, it you want some pictures of Gray Jays, just head on up to the summit of Whistler. It’s a beautiful view and the birds are very friendly.