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Feeling the Love!   12 comments

water, drop, love, heart, splash, red

Sorry. I couldn’t resist…


In case you’re wondering, this water drop is a single drop onto a previous drop. Clearly there was some food colouring involved. Equally clearly, there is some photo manipulation involved. I cut the drop in half and used the warp function in Free Transform to drag the right side down. I then copied the layer and flipped it horizontally to create this little love heart.

I hope you like it. It’s my valentine’s card to all my faithful followers.¬†Thanks for continuing to visit my blog!


Simplicity   20 comments

water drop, splash, ring

This is what you get when you drop a single drop of water on a dry mirror. Light source is a single, off-camera flash bouncing off a white background. How much simpler can you get?

Kings of the Drips   7 comments

water drop, crown

Today I learned that if I want to consistently produce crowns (as above), I just eliminate most of the water. I emptied the tank, but for a thin film of water on the bottom. Crowns every single time.

A Different Perspective   11 comments

ink in water

Still drops, but this time, from underwater.

Open to Interpretation   13 comments

Sometimes I see things in my pictures that just call out for a little reflection abstraction. While this is #7 in the Drip series, it didn’t seem quite right to just call it Drip VII as the image seems a bit more open to interpretation this time. The deep red tones come from light bounced off the inside of a red plastic mixing bowl. The deep blacks come from back lighting the splash of water. The lack of obvious clarity is a result of my extracting the reflection of the water drop rather than the actual splash. I’ve then mirrored it in PS (plus some curves adjustments) to produce this final result.

Drip VI – Well, This Might Be More Of A Plop Than A Drip   8 comments

water drop, water, pink, yellow

Oops, skipped a day. Sorry. Here’s another from the new fish tank/drip tank. I’m really liking the patterns in the splash! I need to think about dropping something bigger than just a water drop…

Drip V   10 comments

Water drop, reflection, pink, yellow

Taking the drips and cranking up the colours.

I haven’t posted a crown yet, so here’s a fresh one from about 30 minutes ago. I’m still working on my set up. I’ve now acquired a handy glass box (aka an aquarium) on the cheap to help contain the liquids, but also to help reduce that pesky edge in the background.