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Day 208 – Keeping the Skills Fresh   2 comments

Taking advantage of a Groupon that was on offer a couple of months ago, I attended a two-hour refresher workshop on studio lighting this morning. I studied lighting at Langara College about ten years ago, but I don’t get in a studio very often (other than my home studio) so when Lightrein/Lighttools offered their deal, I jumped on.

In the ten-person workshop, it turned out that I was the only person in the class who’d used studio lighting (or off-camera flash). That left nine people for whom this was an intro workshop. As a short intro to lighting, I think the guys at Lightrein did a great job. They ran through the basics from a single natural source, to reflectors, to hard lights, softboxes, and multiple lights. The instructors (Stephen Pilby and Monty Noyes) were friendly and approachable and gave everyone a chance to shoot.

For my part, I enjoyed the refresher and I discovered a new, local photographic equipment supplier (lights, reflectors, light modifiers, backdrops).

The shot above is from the workshop this morning. This is actually just using natural light through a single, tall, narrow window with a reflector at the model’s back.