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Atlas Coal Mine   7 comments

Drumheller, Alberta, East Coulee, Atlas Coal Mine, Coal Mine, tipple, history, historic, coal

Pictured above is the coal tipple at the Atlas Coal Mine in Drumheller, Alberta. The coal used to ride a conveyor belt down from the hills to the right and then up another conveyor tunnel to the main building. The main structure is the tipple where the coal was sorted and loaded into train cars.

Coal was booming business back in the 1900s in Alberta. Between 1912 and 1966 the coal mines in the Drumheller area produced nearly 57,000,000 tons of coal. When oil was discovered nearby in 1948, demand for coal suffered a steep decline. Coal mining towns shrunk dramatically. Some were completely abandoned. By 1979, the coal years in Drumheller were all over.


Revisiting Texture   7 comments

Salt Spring Island, sailing, sail boat, Strait of Georgia, gulf islands, southern gulf islands, British Columbia, west coast, coast, islands, boat, BC Ferries, sunset, sunrise

Sorry folks, but I’ve been off skiing at Sunshine Village in Banff National Park where they’ve had 9m(!) of snow this year. I even took a break from photography and left my camera at home.

For my first day back from vacation, rather than working on this blog, I worked on a post for Digital Darkroom Techniques (DDT). If you’re curious how I do textures in my images (like the one above), pop on over to DDT for a look. If you have suggestions on how to approach textures differently, I’d love to hear from you.

Since I have no new pictures (did I mention I’ve been skiing without my camera?), I’ve pulled an image from my Salt Spring Island archives to do a little texture work. While the base image is old, the textures are new and I’m sharing if you’re interested. When I was recently in Arizona, we visited the Musical Instrument Museum (MIM) in Phoenix. At the MIM, they have an extraordinary collection of drums and I shot almost every one of them for my texture collection. I’ve shared nine of them in my post on DDT just in case you want to add them to your collection.

Canyon Reflections   8 comments

Antelope Canyon, Upper Antelope Canyon, Abstract, digital art, reflections, reflection, patterns, texture

Back in January, I had a series of “Reflections” photos; images that I’d taken and reflected one or more times in Photoshop. Here’s one I tried using an image from Upper Antelope Canyon. Take any one quadrant and that’s the original image. I liked this one for the lines and textures, especially the dark waves around the outside. As usual, with these reflections, I see a face. How about you? What do you see?

Howling at the Blog   8 comments

wolf, Arizona, Page, Upper Antelope Canyon, Antelope Canyon, slot canyon, canyon

Sorry, I’m a bit slow with the posts at the moment. I’ve been laid up on the couch the past few days with a bad cold. I’m working on getting on the mend, but it’s taking a little longer than I’d like.

As I mentioned in my previous post, the tour guides in Antelope Canyon love pointing out the faces and shapes that you can see in the walls of the canyon. Can you see the wolf in this one?

To get this shot in a fairly tight space, I lay down flat on my back with my head on my camera bag to help keep me steady. I took this at 1/10s with image stabilisation helping me out. The only thing I did to this image is fix the white balance and crop it.

Shooting in the Dark   4 comments

Arizona, antelope canyon, upper antelope canyon, canyon, slot canyon, Page, Navajo Nation

Here’s another one from Upper Antelope Canyon, a fantastic slot canyon in Page, Arizona. I think I mentioned before that it’s really dark in the canyon, which makes that whole tripod thing kind of mandatory. I shot this particular image at f4.0 with a 6 second exposure on ISO 400. This is one in a series of bracketed images that I had intended to process as a HDR image, but I like it better this way.

Nothin’ But The Texture   7 comments

Arizona, slot canyon, antelope canyon, upper antelope canyon, erosion

Sorry, missed a post yesterday. I was having a little time away from my computer. Today though I processed all the images from the photo booth at school on Tuesday and I’m really pleased with how they all turned out. If only I could share them here…

Instead though, I offer up another in my series from Upper Antelope Canyon outside Page, Arizona.  As I mentioned already, I could spend days in this canyon and never tire of it.

While it’s not safe to do so, I’d love to see the canyon when the water is running. Flash floods are a risk here so it’s possible that if it’s raining upstream, tours could be cancelled. When the water comes through, it comes through fast and changes the canyon each time. Our guide was telling us how the canyon floor, for a time, was much higher (by several feet), but then the water came through and took a lot of the sand with it. That’d be something to see.

Light Filtering In From Above   11 comments

Antelope Canyon, Upper Antelope Canyon, Arizona, Navajo Nation, Slot Canyon, limestone, erosion, Page

This image is from deeper into Upper Antelope Canyon. A very different flavour from yesterday – with this image I wanted to look more closely at the textures. The light that comes only from the crack in the canyon far above serves to emphasize the textures in the rock walls.

I’m keeping it brief today – I’m only recently back from running a photo booth at my kids’ elementary school for their Fine Arts night. I ran the booth with a bunch of grade 6 kids helping out. The kids all had a blast posing. I set it up so we shot tethered, projecting the images on the wall as they were shot. By the end we were all very tired.