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I grew up on the eastern(ish) side of Canada, a long, long way from any ocean, but on the shore of a beautiful little lake. While the ocean was far away, there were lakes everywhere!

It wasn’t until my 31st year that  I found myself living with the ocean at my doorstep. That ocean was a very long way from home. In fact, it was all the way around the world. Despite 30 perfectly happy years without the ocean in sight, I became firmly coastal. While I accept that I’m not likely to ever own that dream beach house in this very developed world, I’m feeling pretty committed to at least living nearby. As a result, many of my favourite images are by the coast. Throw in a dramatic sky and I’m all set.

This particular piece of coast is on the west coast of Canada, in Vancouver.



Just a Blink   15 comments

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Hopefully, this is me getting back to regular blogging. It’s been pretty patchy since May, but I have good excuses. Packing up house and moving around the world to Melbourne, Australia takes a bit of effort.

Sorting, purging and selling started in May and got serious in June. As of June 28, we were officially homeless and our lives were either packed up in suitcases or in a big metal box. We took the suitcases with us and wished the big metal box an uneventful 10-week trip across the Pacific. We then set off on a six-week tour of Canada, visiting friends family on the west coast, camping through the beautiful Rocky Mountains, visiting more family in Southern Ontario, invading the homes of friends in Ottawa and then back to Vancouver again.

The image above is the city of Vancouver as seen from Stanley Park during our visit to the west coast of Canada.

On August 19th, exactly one month ago, we arrived in Melbourne with very little organised beyond a hotel and a hire car. Given the low starting point, we’ve accomplished a lot in one month. We moved into a house (shipment delivery day was very exciting!), we bought a car, we bought appliances and furniture, the kids are back in school, the older one has high school sorted, we’ve caught up with a few friends, and I’m back to full-time (non-photographic) work.

Although we’ve been away from Melbourne for two years, everything is so familiar that it seems like it was just a blink.

Walking on Water   18 comments

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Taken on a borrowed camera, edited on a borrowed iPad, and uploaded using a borrowed laptop.

In this image, we have a makeshift game for the kids. Take a beached log and float it out perpendicular to the beach. Then challenge the kids to see how far out the log they can walk before they fall in. Lots of laughs and very cold kids.


Day 254 – To Comment Or Not To Comment   10 comments

I received a question a couple of days ago asking which photos tend to generate the most comments. I could look at the stats and check exactly which posts have generated the most comments, but I don’t think I’d find a common thread. From my blog reading experience over the past nine months, I know that my blog garners more comments than some and a whole lot less than others. One blog I follow consistently has more than 100 comments (excluding author replies) on almost every single post! For me, 10 reader comments is a very busy day.

I comment when a picture or the story that goes with it says something to me. I’m also more likely to jump in with a comment when I find an image that stands out from the crowd. When I do comment on a photo, I keep my comments positive, focussing on what I like about an image. I steer clear of constructive feedback unless I know the blogger doesn’t mind.

I tend to avoid leaving comments on blogs that are outside my comfort zone (e.g., fashion or food photographers) or on blogs that I basically consider to be out of my league.

One thing I believe to be true is that most bloggers want to engage at least to some degree with their readers (and fellow bloggers) so I think most really appreciate when someone takes the time to share their thoughts on an image or a post. Personally, I love it when readers decompose one of my images and tell me what works and doesn’t work and suggest what they would have done differently. If you see something that you don’t like, let me know, but don’t just tell me you don’t like it, make sure you tell me what you’d change.

I wish I knew what factors led readers to comment or to just have a look and keep moving on past. What makes you stop and comment? If you’ve read this far, leave a quick note and tell me what you makes you stop and leave a comment.

Day 248 – Flight From the Chief   9 comments

Embarrassing. Accidentally pushed the publish before I was ready to publish – sorry ’bout that folks. My first misfire since I started this blog. Blank tweet removed from Twitter. Blank post removed from FB. This post quickly updated with a rather rushed post. Where exactly is the QA process here?!?

As you can see, I’m still going through images from my trip out west. If this bird looks familiar, that’s because I took this picture just a few seconds before this one.

Just a quick one for me today – I’m single-dad’ing for the next ten days, it’s nearly 10pm and someone needs to finish doing the dishes. Oh the excitement!

BTW – do you like this toning better? Or do you prefer the blue?

Day 245 – Tripping Over Photographers   6 comments

Salt Spring Island

This image isn’t from Whistler (like so many of my recent images), but it is from the West Coast of BC. This view is from my wife’s cousin’s front yard on Salt Spring Island. Talk about a view! It’s no wonder the west coast is so popular.

Here in land-locked Edmonton, Winter is rushing up on us quickly. Autumn is a quick season here, lasting just about one month. This Thursday and Friday the forecasted high is a mere 4C. We’re almost certain to see snow before this month is through. Today though, the sun was shining and we decided we needed a walk in the river valley.

Apparently it was such a nice day, a lot of people had portraits organized. Everywhere we turned there was another photographer and his (or her) clients. In just the short walk we took, we saw at least four or five portrait sessions underway. I was, of course, adding to the population of camera-jockeys out for the day. I was taking pictures of my family too. I should be able to come up with a photo or two in the next few days…

Day 201 – Going Back to Salt Spring Island   5 comments

Unfortunately it’s just my blog that’s going back to Salt Spring Island, BC. Not me. I took this a few weeks ago. It’s the Ganges Harbour marina. I like the colours in this photo – they go nicely with the new blog theme don’t you think?

I was lucky for this shot. The water was very calm so there’s very little movement in the boats. This is a straight long exposure with no post-processing other than a little noise reduction to compensate for the 15sec exposure.

This turned out to be a good spot. I was across the street from one of the local hotels and some women on their way home stopped by to chat about photography. One of them was a photographer too and they gave me a great tip on a spot for sunset shots on the island. That gave me my destination for the following day and the subject for my post… tomorrow.