Day 58 – Weight of Winter   7 comments

Since I began this blog, I’ve wanted to capture in a photo, the cold temperatures that weigh so heavily on winter here in central Alberta. Simple pictures of snowy scenes don’t capture the cold for me since a -30C winter landscape looks much like a -5C winter landscape. There’s some irony that it took fire to help me visualize cold. What do you think? Do yesterday’s and today’s pictures finally show “cold”?

This is a follow-up to yesterday’s post about the fire on 118th Avenue in Edmonton. This building shared a wall with the one that was consumed by fire. It appears untouched by fire and now sports a new winter shell.


7 responses to “Day 58 – Weight of Winter

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  1. Very cool! Or should I say cold?

  2. Very impressive, Mike.

  3. Brrr, how I remember those cold Edmonton days and yes, certainly does portray cold!

  4. Oh look at that! It’s fantastic. The colour…and snow as an Amoeba…!

  5. It feels cold just by looking at this 😉

  6. I love this one, Mike.

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