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Slow Photography IV   7 comments

Seaford, Port Phillip Bay, Melbourne, Beach, Runner, running, panning, long exposure, ocean, sunset, sandHere’s a variation on slow photography using a slow(ish) shutter speed, but with a moving subject. Using my variable ND filter, ISO 50, and f13 I was able to get this shot down to 1/5th of a second. By panning with the runner I was blurred her arms and legs keeping the body and head relatively steady. The bright sun reflecting off the bay provided a great opportunity to turn the runner into a near silhouette.

I tried longer exposures, but with the bright background, the runner’s arms and legs were largely lost in the light and almost didn’t register in the image. The notion of a head and torso hurtling down the beach didn’t really work with the image I was trying to create…



Slow Photography III   5 comments

Port Phillip Bay, beach, Melbourne, St. Kilda, pier, dock, sunset, couple, calm, slow photography


Just a few days ago on the beach, taking this picture, I was wearing a fleece hoodie trying to stay warm in a cold southerly wind. Today it’s 36C! Despite the heat, we took the kids to the zoo for a few hours before it got really hot. Tomorrow … 41C. Going to be chasing the air conditioning…

Anyway, the picture above is another long exposure. This one was 30s at f16 with the variable ND filter cranked up. Again, the water was pretty rough, but the long exposure smoothes it right out.


Slow Photography II   5 comments

Port Phillip Bay, beach, Melbourne, St. Kilda, pier, dock, sunset, couple, calm, slow photography


Another in the slow photography category. The sun was still up for this one so I used my new(ish) Marumi variable ND filter which goes from a single stop to about 8.5 stops (ND2-ND400) by including two linear polarizing filters that rotate 90 degrees from parallel to perpendicular. When the two filters are aligned, the light goes through with just one stop of light blocked. When the two filters are rotated 90 degrees to each other, the combination blocks a lot of the light coming through. I used to do this with two linear polarizers back in the old days before most polarizing filters were circular. Thankfully though Marumi was prepared to trade me some of my hard earned dollars for this handy filter.

With the sun still firmly up in the sky, I closed down the variable ND filter to its darkest point, then dropped the ISO to 50, closed down the aperture to f22, and squeezed out 13 seconds of exposure before the highlights were getting too out of hand.

Slow Photography   11 comments

Middle Park, Port Phillip Bay, beach, Melbourne, St. Kilda, pier, dock

Today, I’m pleased to share my first image from Melbourne since we arrived in August. I captured this image on Saturday night in a suburb called Middle Park in Melbourne. It’s right next to the much more well-known and more popular St. Kilda. The sun hadn’t quite set yet, but it was low enough for me to shoot this at f16, ISO 100 and 30 seconds. The water was quite rough, in fact it was spraying up over the end of the pier (hence all the water), but the long exposure smoothed it right out. This view is looking south out across Port Phillip Bay.

Hopefully this will be the first in a long series of much more frequent posts this year. It’s all easy while on vacation… I’ll see if I can keep it up once I’m back to work!

Remarkable Rocks IV   10 comments

Remarkable Rocks, Kangaroo Island, sunset, South Australia, Australia, Southern Ocean

Here’s one last shot of the Remarkable Rocks…

Jericho…Almost   2 comments

Israel, Judean Desert, cross, graffiti, sunset, sunrise, holy cross, christian, memorial

Back in 2000 I was lucky enough to travel to Israel for work. I couldn’t very well go to Israel without seeing a bit of the country so we stayed a couple of days extra to have a bit of a look. This image is from a hill above St. George’s Monastery (home to Greek Orthodox monks) as we concluded a tour from Tel Aviv through the Judean Desert to Jericho. If I recall correctly, the tour wasn’t actually meant to get to this point, but soldier turned us away from Jericho. The city wasn’t stable at the time of our visit and everyone was being diverted away. So we missed out on Jericho, but we got to see a pretty amazing monastery built right into a cliff wall. Come back tomorrow and I’ll post a picture of the monastery!

Revisiting Texture   7 comments

Salt Spring Island, sailing, sail boat, Strait of Georgia, gulf islands, southern gulf islands, British Columbia, west coast, coast, islands, boat, BC Ferries, sunset, sunrise

Sorry folks, but I’ve been off skiing at Sunshine Village in Banff National Park where they’ve had 9m(!) of snow this year. I even took a break from photography and left my camera at home.

For my first day back from vacation, rather than working on this blog, I worked on a post for Digital Darkroom Techniques (DDT). If you’re curious how I do textures in my images (like the one above), pop on over to DDT for a look. If you have suggestions on how to approach textures differently, I’d love to hear from you.

Since I have no new pictures (did I mention I’ve been skiing without my camera?), I’ve pulled an image from my Salt Spring Island archives to do a little texture work. While the base image is old, the textures are new and I’m sharing if you’re interested. When I was recently in Arizona, we visited the Musical Instrument Museum (MIM) in Phoenix. At the MIM, they have an extraordinary collection of drums and I shot almost every one of them for my texture collection. I’ve shared nine of them in my post on DDT just in case you want to add them to your collection.