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White Night – Melbourne   6 comments

portrait, portrait photography, performer, busker, happy, joy, street performer, Melbourne, White Night, nightLast night, I (with my family and 300,000 of my friends and neighbours) descended on Melbourne’s CBD for the inaugural White Night Melbourne event. It’s an all night party celebrating the arts running from 7pm Saturday to 7am Sunday. The organisers had hoped for 100,000 people so they must have been a little blown away with the final estimates.

From shortly after 7pm, people on foot took over the streets. The trams weren’t running. Cars had nowhere to go. People lined the streets from side to side.  For us, with two young kids, the crowds were a little overwhelming. The performers and the art installations were a little hard to see. If you looked hard and watched the crowds, there were gems to be found like the performer pictured above. He was the voice half of a duo making some great music in Flinders Lane. How happy is this guy!

I don’t know if it’s going to be an annual event now, but we might have to leave the kids at home next time so we can be more mobile and stay out later.



Walking on Water   18 comments

boy, balance, water, ocean, beach, lake, play, child, log, Salt Spring Island

Taken on a borrowed camera, edited on a borrowed iPad, and uploaded using a borrowed laptop.

In this image, we have a makeshift game for the kids. Take a beached log and float it out perpendicular to the beach. Then challenge the kids to see how far out the log they can walk before they fall in. Lots of laughs and very cold kids.


A Delightful Sunday Shoot   13 comments

Baby, Baby Portrait, Child, Child Portrait, portrait, portraiture, Edmonton

Enjoyed a Sunday shoot with this little supermodel…

You Make Me Feel Like Dancing…   9 comments

silhouette, dancing, sunset, remarkable rocks, kangaroo island, south australia

Here’s a fun little series showing my five-year old (at the time) dancing atop the Remarkable Rocks in South Australia as the sun dropped behind her. I really love how she gets such joy from something so simple as just being outside.

Waiting   7 comments

goats, goat herd, herd, shepherd, goat herder, Israel, Judean Desert, girl, bedouin girl, bedouin

Still in Israel, this was a scene from our tour of the Judean Desert. Along the way, we came to a cistern that the local Bedouin families use for water. This girl was watering her goats as we arrived. At least, that’s what she was trying to do until we got in her way. I felt a bit uncomfortable invading her space, but our tour guide clearly had no qualms. He just pulled up to the cistern, hopped out of the jeep and stepped onto the cistern blocking her access to the water entirely. The guide seemed entirely oblivious to her, almost like she didn’t exist.

She looks young to me – maybe 10 or 11 years old and yet, here she was managing a herd of goats on her own and apparently well out of sight of home. Maybe this seems normal for people raised on a farm, but for a lifetime city-dweller like me, she seemed old beyond her years.

So Long Duff   13 comments

Cairn Terrier, Pet, Pet Photography, dog, little dog

This week, after many happy years, Duffy (aka Duff, Duff-Duff, Duffers, Duff-man, Duffy-dog) passed on. Duffy is my in-laws’ Cairn terrier. He was a friendly, playful, loyal little dog who loved being part of the action (especially in the kitchen). He loved going for walks and was very protective of his territory (that little guy could ration out little sprays of pee for miles!). He was a much bigger dog in his imagination than in reality. He barked with authority at the really big dogs on the street (as long as they were behind a fence, and even sometimes when they weren’t).

While he was a pretty, easy-going dog, sometimes he had a whole lot of stubborn in him. Once, while on a walk he grew a bit tired and lay down without warning. My mother-in-law didn’t notice and started dragging him along. He still wouldn’t stand up. Now, that’s stubborn! And when he was stubborn, he did what he wanted, when he wanted.

He was the big dog, in charge of his little pack. He leaves behind the younger and feistier Rascal (aka Razzy, Raz-Ma-Taz, Razzle-Dazzle). The house is sure going to seem quiet without him. So long Duffy.

Cairn Terrier, Pet, Pet Photography, dog, little dog

Braving the Cold   4 comments

Seriously, who would force their kids to come out modelling for photos when it’s -30C outside? Not me. I just asked and she agreed. Honest! Still, judging from the pose, there was still a little bit of ‘hurry-it-up-Dad!’ going on.

The above is my first time with a technique or method that has earned the name the “Brenizer Method” (Brandon Brasseaux shared this technique in a recent post). It’s named for the photographer who popularized the method. Mr Brenizer seems to prefer calling it bokehrama because it is simply a panorama shot with a shallow depth of field. The exaggerated shallow depth of field really makes your subject pop.

I shot 49 images, but this is a stitching of fewer than half the images. My decision to select just fewer images was primarily subject size in the frame, but also the processing to include a greater number of images was testing my patience. I used a 100mm lens set to f2.0 for the images. Manual focus allowed me to retain a consistent focus throughout the images.

To give you an idea of my proximity to my model, the initial frame is just her head and shoulders. I was pretty close.

Give it a try if you like, but make sure you leave plenty of time for your computer to crunch away. This is processing intensive.